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How do you cut the fiberglass grilles?


updated:2020-11-19 08:50:12

The cutting of the FIBERglass grille was required to be stopped before the installation. Regarding how the cutting of the fiberglass grille was stopped and how the cutting should be stopped, let's understand the following.

1. Stop reasonable cutting and processing of grilles according to size and device requirements in order to achieve greater economic benefits without affecting the internal performance of GRilles.The cutting end face shall be coated with resin to ensure that its corrosion resistance is not affected.

A. cutting:

Straight-line cutting: Fiberglass grilles can be used to stop field cutting with a ceramic disc or emery disc cutter, or even with a hacksaw blade.

Curvilinear cutting: electric saw or hacksaw with metal cutting blade can be used for grille opening and arc arc cutting.

B. drilling:

Holes above 12mm can be drilled with ordinary drill press twist drill.

Small holes can be drilled with portable electric hole machining machine or ordinary electric hand drill.

C. burnish:

It can be stopped grinding with portable angular polisher, grinder, ordinary file and sandpaper.

Note: A. This information cannot be turned or tapped.

B. Arbitrary cutting will not alter the mechanical properties of the grille, let alone the formation of disassembly and other results.

2. The measures:

Before cutting, operators should wear protective glasses and masks to avoid splashes into the eyes and reduce dust inhalation.Wear gloves and overalls to avoid dust into the skin and allergies;Stop cutting in a well-ventilated, well-lit area.Check whether all electric opening tools are in good condition before cutting.