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What about durable FRP tanks?


updated:2020-11-18 15:01:07

The external bottom plate of FRP tanks is in direct contact with the tank foundation surface. The coating is combined with impressed current cathodic protection.The environment requires that the coating has good water resistance and durability, and because the cathodic protection is used at the same time, it requires better performance of cathodic peel resistance.Considering the cost performance and technical maturity, epoxy and polyurethane coatings are recommended for this site.

External wall of glass reinforced plastic storage tank

The corrosion environment is a typical industrial atmospheric corrosion environment.In the corrosive environment of industrial atmosphere, the coating system is mainly required as follows:

1) Good rust prevention ability;

2) Good adhesion, impact resistance and other mechanical properties

3) Excellent uv resistance and color retention

4) Good construction performance, can well adapt to the site conditions

5) Mature and reliable technology, high cost performance.

Upper surface of bottom plate and inner wall of glass reinforced plastic storage tank

This site is usually the most serious corrosion site of crude oil FRP tanks.The corrosion medium is mainly crude oil deposited water, and its composition is complex. The corrosion characteristic of this part is electrochemical corrosion, and it has serious local corrosion and pitting tendency, which is easy to produce corrosion perforation.It is recommended to use epoxy heavy anti - corrosion coating with sacrificial anode cathodic protection.The tank bottom plate can be coated with water-borne lithium silicate zinc, which can form cathodic protection to the tank bottom plate, and has the characteristics of environmental protection and simple construction.