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Shanxi ChengXinDa Mining Equipment co., LTD., founded in 2011, is a leader enterprise in Chinese new composite material industry with a registered capital of RMB 3.01 million yuan.Main products: glass fiber reinforced polymer rebars, glass fiber anchor bolt, gfrp plate and nut and other products have occupied the main market .

At present, the company's products have been successfully applied in frastructure,bridges, rail, air port, medical room, mining and tunneling, sea wall, buildings and other fields, and solved the technical problems of static discharge, high corrosion and not easy to cut in these fields.Our products are sold abroad and we have established a long-term relationship with foreign trade.

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  • Advantages of fiberglass pip···
    Advantages of fiberglass pip···


    Advantages of FRP drainage pipes(1) Sand FRP power pipe has strong corrosion resistance.FRP sand-lined pipes are resistant to acid, alkali, salt, sea water, untreated sewage, corrosive soil and various chemical fluids.The service life of plastic pipe is 3 years commonly, cast iron pipe is 5 ~ 10 yea

  • What is a FRP pipe?
    What is a FRP pipe?


    Mechanical wound FRP pipe is a kind of light, high strength, corrosion - resistant non - metallic pipe.It is made of resin as matrix and glass fiber as reinforced material by special process.This kind of pipe has the advantages of corrosion resistance, leakage resistance, heat insulation, light weig